About us



Terms of our shop. Please read this first.


1. It is a membership shop. Please register before using.


2. We only deliver by hand in or post.


3. Take-out is possible after contacting us in advance in our new office on the Avenue de Bude 15 in the center commercial des Bude, in addition, some goods can be bought at the same time.

Please refer the opening time in the bottom.



4. We also deliver alcoholic beverages, however, we do not sell to those under the age of 16 based on the law.

Please include your age when registering.


5. The site is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but deliveries are made from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m and sometimes we suspend the delivery.



1. within the Canton Geneva.


Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


time zone:14:00-18:00 pm.



2. Nion, Glond, Lausanne (between Geneva and Lausanne)


4 times a month.


1st and 2nd Fridays.


3rd and 4th Saturdays.


time zone: morning only.



Notes on delivery


*Delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

*if however, another date and time also are available depending on your request and our schedule, so please let us know your preference.


*Delivery area

 Canton Geneva: All of Geneva

Canton Vaud: The canton of Geneva and the city of Lausanne and in between.

Delivered once a month to the city of Montreux and its vicinity.




*for Courier we will charge postage cost.

Please purchase the shipping fee from the shop menu and pay with other goods.

The product will be sent by "priority."


Frozen food cannot be delivered.


charge for courier


Less than 2 kg 12CHF

2kg to less than 10kg 15CHF

10kg to less than 30kg 25CHF


Thank you for your understanding.