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This is the news you've been waiting for. This year's new rice has finally set sail.


The ship is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Hamburg at the end of February, but as many of you may know, the ship will be taking a route around the Cape of Good Hope, so it will be two to three weeks later than usual.




We will update here once we know more details.

In conjunction with this, we will be holding a limited sale for members only.

We will provide you rice from Japan with the cheapest price.



Food list


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Food list




Ready to use




Ramen, udon, soba, instant noodles, fried chicken flour, tempura flour, etc.

Vegetables, konjac, tofu, soybeans, pickles (deep-fried tofu and natto are in the frozen section), seaweed

Retort curry, instant food (miso, soup), curry roux, stew, spaghetti sauce, furikake, pickles, hotpot soup,

Rice crackers, sweets, snacks, dumplings

Frozen fish (salted mackerel, mackerel mirin, horse mackerel, shime mackerel, salted salmon), eel kabayaki, fish paste (fish cake, kamaboko), sushi toppings, sashimi, natto, fried tofu

Free delivery area

All of Geneva


Along Lake Geneva to Lausanne

From Lausanne to Montreux (please contact us if you are unsure)


Areas other than those listed above are paid delivery areas.

Please also note that we are currently not shipping frozen products.

About us

Shop products can only be purchased through the Internet. Basically, it is delivered and couriered.

Now we added new services in the Bude office.

you can purchase or reserve any goods in our online shop and pick it up immediately at the office.

Japanese food

Japanese food is now attracting worldwide attention as a healthy diet.


The basics of Japanese cuisine are one soup and three side dishes. The basics are soups such as miso soup or clear soup, and three side dishes (main side dish and two side dishes), and then white rice.


Japanese ingredients, especially fermented foods, are a treasure trove of wisdom cultivated over many years!


We want to provide Japanese wisdom with materials cultivated in Switzerland. This is our challenge.


First of all, we will collaborate with Yumi's to offer handmade amazake and miso.