Advice for party sushi


There are nigiri sushi, maki sushi, chirashi sushi, etc., and each preparation is different depending on the flavor of the party.


Wasabi is a common ingredient in sushi, but if there are a lot of children we will either reduce the amount of wasabi or allow those who prefer to eat it without adding it to the sushi.


Sushi rolls, especially hosomaki, are particularly popular in Switzerland.


It's cut into bite-size pieces, so I think it's easy to eat at a party with lots of kids.


Authentic Japanese food is served at very formal parties, but I don't think it's suitable for family parties. However, vegetables and eggs go well with sushi as a side dish.


Chirashi sushi prepared for home use is perfect for children's parties.

For Lunch

Lunch box also served

From ordering food to picking up

1 the number of people

2 Type of cuisine

3 alcoholic drink

4 Pick up

Please let us know the number of people in your party.


If a large number of people is planned, it will be needed time to prepare.

From main dishes such as sushi and sushi rolls to side dishes such as fried chicken and seaweed salad.


Also let us know your budget.


Our staff will make suggestions based on your budget and preferences.

Japanese sake is also carefully selected.


We will choose a brand that matches the dish. And of course the price.


Please let me know the day, the time, and the place.


Since it is a raw product, it cannot be carried very far.