Japanese fermented food

Japan is blessed with a climate suitable for fermentation, such as temperature and humidity, and is one of the leading fermentation powers in the world.


The feature is in the fermentation using "koji".


Koji is a processed product in which microorganisms called aspergillus oryzae are propagated in grains such as steamed rice, barley, and soybeans.


It is no exaggeration to say that the taste of Japan is created by koji, such as miso, soy sauce, sake, vinegar, and mirin.


Throughout Japan, there are many traditional fermented foods that use koji. In addition, Japan's fermented food culture, such as natto, pickles, and dried bonito, is very developed.




Among them, I would like to introduce the fermented foods that are loved or want to be loved not only in Japan but also in the world and their effects.


8 effects of natto! What is the effective way to eat natto and the combination of health benefits?

Amazake made BY KOME-KOJI

Effects of amazake by doctors. Improve your intestinal environment with koji amazake and prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

handmade miso

Did you know that miso is rich in nutrients and is said to keep the doctor away? It is a familiar food for Japanese people, so many people probably eat it in some way every day.